Planted Evidence


Ulder Ravengard had another urgent job for the party. Upset that the patriar youth that took part in Hands Off were not punished he had come with a plan to remove one of the most corrupt judges from office. The party merely had to venture into a crypt and place a few items there. The rest would be handled.

Party Involvement

While the party was unsure of the morality of the plan they secured future assistance for their wererat issue in exchange for seeing the plan through. They were given 3 items to place in the crypt – an ornate cane head, a dagger and a pipe that smelled of the illegal sable moonflower. All three items were connected in some way to the corrupt judge.

Once at the crypt the party discovered a pack of ghouls and a ghast consuming the remains of a girl. After clearing out the undead they discovered the the girl had died naturally of a disease and that her remains had been injured after death to look like a murder. Alberich arranged the corpse and items to look like a ritual killing.

Now all they had to do was wait for morning…

The next day they heard of the arrest of not only the intended corrupt judge but also that of Lady Keene who is claimed to be the leader of The Guild.

Planted Evidence

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