Three Invitations


Following the events of It Begins With Blood, the party was approached by three notable figures in Baldur’s Gate politics. Each claimed to be working in the city’s best interests and each required the party’s help…

Meeting with Duke Torlin Silvershield

Duke Torlin Silvershield believes that evil cultists were the only ones that could have pulled off the attack on Duke Abdel Adrian. He needs agents that can operate freely outside the Upper City and the party fits that role.

Imbralyn Skoond acts on behalf of Duke Torlin Silvershield and invites the party to a fine dinner at Three Old Kegs. Afterwards they are taken to meet the Duke directly where they are told of his plans to root out evil and ensure order is kept in the city. The Duke offers a hefty daily pay and asks the party to investigate some potential cultists in the city. They accept and are given the instructions for Search and Seizure.

Meeting with Rilsa Rael

A shadowy figure offers to tell the party what is really happening in the city, if they will go to Little Calimshan at dusk.

Once there the party discovers that the figure is Rilsa Rael, an associate of The Guild. She laments about how the middle and upper classes of the city ignore the poor of the Outer City and that The Guild is their only hope for justice and safety. The city’s politicians are all corrupt and exploiting the people, and only The Guild is willing to do what it takes to protect the commonfolk.

Rilsa Rael mentions the unfair tax collection at the city gates as disproportionately impacting the poor who live outside the walls and must pay the tax twice per day in order to work in the city. With a bad toll collection experience fresh in their minds the party is sympathetic but gets the idea that The Guild’s solution will not be very legal and decline to help with Tax Rebates.

Meeting with Ulder Ravengard

As the new leader of the Flaming Fist, Ravengard is now a very powerful man. He approaches the party directly after the attack and expresses his desire to meet with them. He needs people willing to take the sort of swift, decisive action the party demonstrated in order to tackle the corruption he sees in the city.

The party does not meet with Ravengard right away, but when they do finally accept his invitation he explains how The Guild has corrupted many in the city and the Patriars can seemingly openly defy laws and buy their way out of any trouble. He wants the party to assist him in cleaning up the city.

Three Invitations

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