The Guild


A collection of professional thieves, bandits, thugs, outlaws, and misfits as well as the poor and activists that support them. There is no one typical member of the guild but they tend to be mostly of the rough sort. A large portion of the members are from Calimshan, having been displaced by the wars there and arriving in Baldur’s Gate with nothing.

While The Guild officially claims to support the poor and fight against the oppression of the Patriars and Flaming Fist they also run many schemes to raise funds. Known activities include smuggling through the city’s tunnels and protection rackets. However, The Guild has traditionally abstained from using direct violence to achieve their aims.


The Guild is the only thing resembling law in the Outer City. They are hardly a benevolent force but they do offer at least some protection to those that can pay and overall keep the area from falling into utter chaos.

There are some that claim The Guild’s true influence extends to all reaches of the city, including the Flaming Fist and the Parliament of Peers.

The Guild

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