Search and Seizure


Duke Torlin Silvershield asks the party to investigate 3 people that are suspected to be involved with cult activity. These are Laraelra Thundreth, Yssra Brackrel and Norold Dlusker. The party is issues a Writ of Search and Seizure authorizing them to investigate and arrest the three individuals.

Party Involvement

Norold Dlusker seems to act strangely but no obvious cult evidence is found, even after a search of his nearly empty cloth warehouse. He is observed giving a bag of gold to a man who then disappears into the tunnels below The Wide but the party is unable to track the man. His fees for his booth are being paid by Lady Keene

Yssra Brackrel used to be a prominent and popular alchemist but was run out of town by Duke Torlin Silvershield after an unfortunate potion accident causing damage to his garden and peacocks. She now resides in the Outer City and is quite bitter towards the Patriars.

Laraelra Thundreth is captured after a brief bar fight involving the Flaming Fist attempting to close down her tavern (Closing the Vice Dens). The party decides to let her flee the city after being convinced she has no cult connections. She does give the warning that various factions are all corrupt, but at least The Guild is honest about their less than legal activities.

Duke Torlin Silvershield is furious that the party did not arrest any of the individuals and fires them from his service.

Search and Seizure

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