While slate roof tiles are known to fall off buildings from time to time they usually do not result in injuries despite the crowded streets. Over the course of a couple days there are several fatalities and injuries, seemingly only to successful merchants.

Other incidents begin to happen around the city. Cargo poles get cut ropes, spilling goods into the streets. Carts have legs cut through and careen down steep streets. The sabotaged items grow larger and larger until one night a scaffolding collapses and kills a number of Outer City workers including a popular Foreman who was well liked among the workers.

After the collapse, the sabotage seems to have stopped…

Party Involvement

Suspicious of the tiles, and finding evidence of a sabotaged apple cart, the party kept their eyes open for strange activity. They witnessed a cargo rope being cut and managed to catch the culprit after a brief chase. He was working for The Guild and suggested that there were teams of operatives out sabotaging things.


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