Ravengard For Duke


Traditionally one of the Dukes on the Council of Four has been the current leader of the Flaming Fist. It would then be reasonable to assume Ulder Ravengard would run unopposed. However, it appears Wyllyck Caldwell will be running against him with the support of Duke Torlin Silvershield. This would result in the entire Council of Four being controlled by the Patriars.

Party Involvement

Armed with a letter from a “concerned citizen” (which is really Yssra Brackrel who has a strong dislike for the Patriars) about the safety of Wyllyck’s alchemically treated wood the party goes to meet the man and find out his motivations. While they never reveal the letter directly the party succeeds in angering Caldwell… but he still reveals that he’d rather have his business than be a politician. In exchange for dropping out of the running the party must remove the blight from Caldwell’s logging land.

After dealing with the blight situation Caldwell stayed true to his word and dropped out of the race – but not before issuing a thinly veiled threat to stay out of his way.

Ravengard For Duke

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