It seems the piles of trash have attracted quite the rat infestation. The Flaming Fist added dogs to their patrols in order to scare away the swarms but it has only served to upset the Lower City residents. Several have died or been badly injured by rat attacks.

Party Involvement

It seems the rats might be controlled by “The Rat King”, a wererat disguised as a halfling.

After capturing a rat and using Speak with Animals to communicate the party convinced the rat to take them to the location of the Rat King. After some time in the sewers the party pursued two halflings out of the sewers and fought a brief battle in the dark streets of the city. In the end the wererats were slain and the party sought treatment for the bites received. One of the corpses had a note from The Guild indicating that they had hired the halflings. The corpses were burnt by the Flaming Fist.


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