Kidnappings are not terrible uncommon in the city, however the deaths of those taken is almost unheard of. Family members of several wealthy and prominent families are taken, large ransoms are demanded with little time to pay, then the victim is found dead.

Party Involvement

Coran comes to the group when the son of one of his friends from the Parliament of Peers goes missing and a ransom note is delivered. The party takes the ransom money and follows the directions on the note which leads them on a bird chase.

At the location (below a Hatmaker’s shop) where the bird leads they find several thugs and a Flaming Fist soldier with a boy strapped to a chair. A fight breaks out and the Fist soldier is captured. He explains that his cousin was working with The Guild and that his job was to keep Fist patrols away for a cut of the money. The captured thug indicates that killing the hostage wasn’t supposed to be part of the deal, and the description of the person giving him the job matched the disguise that the party knows Rilsa Rael uses.

The party safely returns the captive and takes the captured Fist soldier (with his armour removed to conceal his identity) to Ulder Ravengard. After a brief conversation the soldier is thrown through the office window where he falls to his death on the rocks below.


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