Flaming Fist


The Flaming Fist is the primary military force in the city. While they are officially a mercenary group and are free to take other contracts the vast majority of the Fist’s forces are located in Baldur’s Gate. Soldiers are drawn from all walks of life; the Fist does not always recognize social standing and many officers began their careers in poverty before rising through the ranks.

While some soldiers use their own gear, the Fist does provide a basic kit to all soldiers based on rank. Due to the amount of gear required it is not always of the finest quality but it is functional. The Flaming Fist uniform is a white tabard with a clenched red gauntlet wreathed in flames.


The Flaming Fist is responsible for security and policing in the Lower City, as well as along the walls between the Lower City and the Outer City.

Flaming Fist

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