Tag: Outer City


  • Outer City

    The poorest district, located outside the city walls. [[The Guild]] is the only law out in the smelly, dirty slums. Some respectable businesses operate just outside the walls as the city bans disruptive activities like smithing and milling within the …

  • Little Calimshan

    A walled off section of the [[Outer City]] that was set up by refugees from Calimshan. A small town now, it is built in the traditional style of a Calmishite city and houses over 1000 people. Despite not having the protection of the [[Flaming Fist]], …

  • Vandalism

    h2. Description Slogans denouncing the [[Patriars | Patriars]] and [[Flaming Fist]] begin to pop up on [[Outer City]] walls and buildings. Some rude drawings are included. h2. Party Involvement They admire the artwork.