Murder in Baldur’s Gate

Baldur’s Gate has long been a wealthy trade hub. The Patriars of the Upper City enjoy a life of luxury on account of their vast amounts of gold and considerable political power while the reasonably comfortable artisans and middle class work in the steep and crowded Lower City. Beyond the city’s walls lies the slums of the Outer City; this near-lawless and ramshackle district of the city’s poorest provides much of the manual labour that ensures vital trade goods flow uninterrupted. The city provides safety and opportunity for many… until the murder of the immensely popular Duke Abdel Adrian.

Adrian, a local hero, worked tirelessly to unite the factions and keep them focused on common goals. Without his influence the factions have begun to fight for dominance: the wealthy Patriars seek to reinforce their status and influence, the Guild claims to be champions of the poor, and the Flaming Fist enforces the law and stamps out corruption. The Duke is not the only one to die in the streets; soon the body count begins to rise…

Murder in Baldur's Gate